iMac won't get touchscreen?

11:25AM: "[You] introduced multitouch on iPhone, what about for the Mac?"

Steve: "Makes sense for the iPhone, not sure it makes sense in the Mac. Classify that as a research project."

From Engadget: Apple's summer Mac product press conference

WTF? How can such usability revolutionists not realize the potential of putting multi-touch technology on the desktop?

Jeff Han's demo publicized this concept over six months ago, Microsoft has already started doing it the wrong way with with Microsoft Surface, and HP bet everyone to the store a few months back. Even linux has made steps in that direction.

I can not think of any argument as to why this technology is not beneficial to the user experience and usability. In fact I believe this technology would make the home computer usable for even the clumsiest technology-fearing grandma.

I can only think of a few possibilities;

  1. Jobs is bluffing to hide Apple's next big announcement (MacWorld '08?)
  2. Apple has technical problems with the technology and they won't admit it
  3. Apple and/or Jobs have lost the plot, or a just slow of the mark.

I fear number 3. 2 is certainly possible, although I can't think what problems. I hope it's number 1 -- that sort of tactic is certainly common with Apple product releases.