Internet Blackout NZ

What happened to my blog?


Internet Blackout NZ is thus far successful. We successfully delayed changes to Section 92A for 4 weeks! I expect, and we are all hopeful, that this will give the new government time to fully understand their #$@%-up, and dismiss the law change entirely.

The original post follows, and here is what looked like during the week of February 16-23:

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Gmail Offline Is Here

Gmail offline is finally here! As per my message on twitter; It's fast – even better than Gmail online. Faster than desktop apps. The internet revolution is here!
You'll need to enable Gmail "Experimental features" first. I've forgotten how to do this, but I think it's in the admin "cpanel" for Google Apps for Your Domain. I'm not sure about Google-proper Gmail.
Once you have that;

Translation Links For Semi-Multi-Lingual Drupal 6 Websites

Translation Links screenshot; Teasers on home page I created the Translation Links module as a way of making translations of nodes easily accessible on partially translated multi-lingual websites.

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