Feriana.co.nz Drupal 6 Showcase

I recently finished Feriana.co.nz, a simple Drupal 6 site for my fiancée and her handbag business. It uses CCK, Views and Panels 2 alpha, as well as ImageField, ImageCache and Lightbox2 modules. I also wrote Image Themer and Views Themer modules, which I contributed to the Themer package and plan to abstract in to re-usable solutions in my next Drupal 6 theming project which I start this week. I will also be demonstrating these modules at the Advanced Theming Techniques session (if it gets in – Go Vote!). You browse the still-very-alpha code for these modules in Drupal's CVS repository.

Feriana.co.nz Drupal 6 Showcase site

Drupal Success; What Would Drupal Do?

Now that I have been a full-time Drupal Developer for a couple of years, and a part-time Drupal developer for a year before that, I am beginning to recognize recurring patterns and problems in Drupal projects and people's experiences with Drupal. This is a report on my experiences, and a summary of learned lessons and recommendations for those entertaining the idea of a financially-driven Drupal project.

Improving Node Forms With Vertical Tabs

Vertical Tabs module by Dmitri Gaskin is a Drupal module-ification of prototype work I did for the usability of Drupal's node forms, and was inspired partly by ideas in the discussion and design process of Views 2 UI – which was all part of my Season of Usability project.

It's Not "User Testing"

It's not User Testing!
A number of times recently I have heard folk in the Drupal community and elsewhere talk about User Testing. While many people use this term and it is not strictly incorrect it is misleading and also far from correct A better term to use is Usability testing or UI testing. Here's why;
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Usability Of Car Stereos

For a long time I have wondered how the teams that design car stereos can fail so miserably at making car stereos easy to use. The function of a car stereo is not complicated, and there are few tasks that need to be considered in the design of a car stereo interface. Approximately in order of importance these tasks are;

Third Party MacBook Batteries Compared

I recently needed to purchase two replacement batteries for Apple laptops. One for a MacBook 13-inch white, and one for a MacBook Pro 17-inch. I decided to purchase third-party batteries since the saving was about 30% and they came with a 12-month warranty. While I had the original and third-party replacement batteries in one place, I decided to snap some photos so that others can see the differences between Apple's replacement batteries and third-party ones.

The photos are on flickr;

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