Hook_world_alter() T-shirt Design

hook_world_alter() T-shirt designThis hook_world_alter() T-shirt idea was something Trevor Twining came up with way back at DrupalCon DC.  I got a single T-shirt made for DrupalCon Paris.  A number of people said they wanted one – though since I'm not interested in the business of making T-shirts, I thought I

I am seeking Drupal development contract work

Photo of Bevan Rudge working at his laptop in a full pew at a code sprint
Contributing to Drupal at DrupalCon Boston March 2008. Photo by Steve Krueger.

I am currently available for Drupal development contract work.

I am interested in contracts or projects of any width, height or length. I am especially interested in projects that (roughly in order);

  • are socially conscious
  • have other talented and experienced Drupal developers to work and grow with
  • compensate at reasonable-to-good rates

DrupalSouth Wellington NZ January 2010

DrupalSouth logo: The DrupliKiwiFruitFollowing in the success of DrupalSouth Christchurch November 2008, DrupalSouth Wellington January 2010 is in it's planning stages.

Best Photos From DrupalCon Paris 2009

Photo of Druplicon sitting for a Job interview at the Job fair If you don't want to browse the 2500+ photos from DrupalCon Paris on Flickr, but still want to see some photos, try these sets for the highlights instead;

Sample Code For JQuery For Designers And Themers, DrupalCon Paris 2009

Drupal Conference ParisI was extremely pleased with my DrupalCon Paris session on jQuery for Designers and Themers. It was a great success – my best session yet.

You can see the slides at tinyurl.com/jQuery-Designers and download the sample theme code from drupal.org/project/jq4dat.

I made a couple of references to blog posts and work I've done with jQuery during the session:

CivicActions In Paris!

CivicActions Logo: EmpoweredCivicActions is in Paris, and we are running some great sessions at DrupalCon Paris 2009;

Photo of Gregory Heller smiling in a CivicActions Empowered T-shirt We won't be at the job fair this year, but please hunt us down at the conference (we'll be wearing CivicActions t-shirts) if you're looking for work or want to join a first-class international and virtual team of world-changing Drupal developers. You can also contact us through the website for more info or if you want to make sure you don't miss us.

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