Sample Code For JQuery For Designers And Themers, DrupalCon Paris 2009

Drupal Conference ParisI was extremely pleased with my DrupalCon Paris session on jQuery for Designers and Themers. It was a great success – my best session yet.

You can see the slides at and download the sample theme code from

I made a couple of references to blog posts and work I've done with jQuery during the session:

CivicActions In Paris!

CivicActions Logo: EmpoweredCivicActions is in Paris, and we are running some great sessions at DrupalCon Paris 2009;

Photo of Gregory Heller smiling in a CivicActions Empowered T-shirt We won't be at the job fair this year, but please hunt us down at the conference (we'll be wearing CivicActions t-shirts) if you're looking for work or want to join a first-class international and virtual team of world-changing Drupal developers. You can also contact us through the website for more info or if you want to make sure you don't miss us.

NZ Government Loves Drupal

Screenshots of,, and with Drupalicon omnipresently in the background

The New Zealand Government loves Drupal:

Drupal Gotchya: Cache_get() Returns Expired Items

cache_get() returns $cache objects even if the cached item is stale (expired). The cached data will not be rebuilt every hour in the following example:

* Builds complicated data for the monkey grip.
function custom_monkey_grip_data() {
// Return the cached data
$cache = cache_get('custom:monkey_grip');
  if (!
$cache) {
// Some expensive processing to build the data.
$data = complicated_recursion_and_loops_on_lots_of_data();
// Cache the data and rebuild it every hour
$expire = time() + (60 * 60);
cache_set('custom:monkey_grip', $data, 'cache', $expire);
  else {
$data = $cache->data;

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NZ Software Patents; Meeting With Lianne Dalziel, Commerce Committee Chairperson & Labour MP

Today I had a long and very positive meeting about software patents and the NZ Patents Bill with Commerce Committee chairperson, Labour party's Lianne Dalziel, as well as Drupal-peers Dave Lane and Jonathan Hunt.  Dalziel, Christchurch East MP, was well-informed about the Patents Bill, the Ministry of Economic Development's Patent Review and the insufficient attention paid to software patents (thanks to our emails and exchange of documents beforehand).  She was not so well-informed about software patents and the harm that they cause – as would be expected given the complexity and obscurity of these issues for those who do not work in the software development.

Drupal meetup in Auckland New Zealand this Friday

Auckland's Sky Tower and city-scape illuminated in Christmas colours during December.  By Kahuroa, Courtesy of wikipedia.I'm going to be in Auckland this Friday and am meeting up with some other Drupalers to drink, dine and talk Drupal. Please see my post on for more details and to let us know if you're coming.

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