Am I a fanboy?

Apparently I'm an Apple Fanboi. Maybe I am. I don't try to be. Actually I try not to be. Maybe I'm a sucker for shiny gadgets. Worse, perhaps I'm a sucker of good marketing. In any case, I'd like apple-fanbois and critics to know that I <metaphor> keep a lifejacket under my seat in case I need to jump ship </metaphor>. By that I mean;

  • I am an open source enthusiast. I'm not religious about open source -- I don't think it's the only way all software should be. I think there are some, but not many, cases where closed-source software is better for all than open-source software.
  • I use Apple hardware and Mac OS X for a number of reasons, but primarily and generally;
    • it enhances my workflow
    • it lets me focus on the things I'm interested in
    • it lets me use a laptop the way it was intended
    • it's affordable and the best value for money
    • OS X is tied to Apple's hardware. (I'm not promoting this, but respect it's difficult for apple to do their thing any other way)
  • I would stop using Apple hardware and Mac OS X if I found a better alternative or if Apple became evil.

To date I haven't found a better alternative. Granted I haven't given ubuntu or any other linux flavour a good spin for about a year now. However that is a rather time consuming process which I don't desire to do more than annually. And I'm yet to be convinced that there is enough consistency across distros and enough hardware support for linux to 'just work' most of the time in my daily tasks and let me 'focus on the things I'm interested in'.

I haven't forgotten that apple is a corporation and might go evil. This is something I watch out for and am wary of.