Bring it ON, DrupalcON; People I want to meet

[Update: this had the wrong tag to get on Planet Drupal]

I'm really looking forward to DrupalCon Boston 2008. The highlight for me will likely be meeting a bunch of really great people I have come to know, respect and be inspired by;

  • Everyone at CivicActions; My awesome colleagues and team-mates for the last 6 months.
  • Dries Buytaert; For obvious reasons.
  • Karoly Chx Negyesi; It's been great having your support on SoU. I want to put a voice to your words, code-comments and even php code!
  • Folk from the Usability Group; Eigentor, Gaele, SteveJB, Yoroy, CousinHub and many others.
  • Neil Drumm; You're usability discussion at BADcamp (I listened to the podcast) was inspiring and interesting for me.
  • Kent Bye; You have contributed a lot of videos and screenshots that have been inspiring for me. Then there's Backtrace Vizualizer which is just amazing.
  • Angie Webchick Byron; You're never-ending support is inspiring and motivating. Where do you get all that energy from?
  • And too many others to list here...

I leave this coming Sunday night (in less than 6 days) for Frisko via AKL and LAX, where I'll overnight. I go onto Minneapolis on Monday for the usability testing at the UMN, where I'll arrive in time, albeit a bit late, for the Twin-cities drupal meetup with Dries, the 'usability team' and local drupal folk.

On Friday 29th, it's off to Boston. I'm still looking for something to do for the weekend. I was thinking of heading to NYC to see the big apple, Montreal Canada just cause I've never been there, Vermont for a day's riding the slopes, or maybe hanging out in Boston to site-see, see if I can open a US bank account, and maybe scratch my apple-itch helping the RCS folk unlock or brick their iPhones.

Monday 3rd of course brings on the Main Event. Saturday 8th sees me on a plane back to Frisko for the night. On Sunday 9th I'll have most of the day free to site-see before getting on a plane home to Christchurch on Sunday evening.