Conservation Strategy Fund Uses Drupal

Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) recently launched their new Drupal website and the HydroCalculator Tool, both by CivicActions.  CSF's mission is to teach environmental organizations around the world to use economics and strategic analysis to conserve nature.  Their new website empowers them to do this with multi-lingual features, news streams and feeds, listings that can be filtered by continent, region, country or theme, tight integration with for donations and newsletter subscribers and a range of detail about the training courses on offer, projects, and publications.

The HydroCalculator Tool was initially developed independently from the website then integrated before launch.  It empowers regular citizens, economists and environmentalists alike to analyse and compare Hydro-Electric power station projects.  It helps users of the tool to calculate the impact of the dam and reservoir on the environment (including CO₂ emissions), social impact to the people living in the region, and the financial impact (as total cost, and Net Present Value).

Conservation Strategy Fund recently announced the HydroCalculator Tool and the new website as well as several other important announcements, include the success of their work in Brazil to avoid forestation of the Amazon rain-forest, and the enourmous success and popularity of their training courses.  Find more details in the announcement.