Do General Public GET Open Source?

This article about SilverStripe "giving away their product" completely misses the point of open source. I think that like most of the general public here in NZ (perhaps worldwide?), the author understands that "open source is free" (like free beer), but misses the point that SilverStripe's software, and open source in general, is not free because it costs nothing, but because the code that is written to create the software, is open for anyone to use, look at, modify, enhance, learn from, redistribute, sell, print out and use as toilet paper, or glorify in a nice picture frame above their mantlepiece. Because the code has been freed from the restrictions typical of commercial software licensing.

My Father cut this out of the newspaper and sent it to me in the post with a post-it note and all! The original Social Networking Protocol!

As a fellow open source web content management software developer, I'm happy about the increased attention open source is getting recently in NZ media. However I'd like to see the media educating NZ about what open source is REALLY about, and not tauting it as a free toy, like those McDonald's Happy Meals or similar cheap marketing stints.

I'd also like to see the media educating NZ about how open source can and will change the future of computer usage in the home, government and schools. How these changes can and will benefit schools businesses and individuals alike. How NZ businesses, schools and individuals can adopt and embrace this change for the good of all. How businesses need to embrace open source to remain competitive (large monolithic monopolists from Seattle, and your 'partners' -- beware). How YOU can be part of this change. Why there are few women working in technology. Why there are even less in open source. Why more adolescents aren't interested in programming. Why tertiary education in computer science is in such a terrible state. Why NZ's tertiary education in computer science is in an even worse state.

I challenge you NZ herald.