How to be a climate voter in the NZ general elections

In the face of climate change, nothing else is of much significance. NZ 2014 general elections are an opportune time to start reversing humanity's destruction of this planet we call home.

But understanding how to be a "climate voter" can be a challenge. Is it really as simple as voting for the Green party? Lets take a look.

To evaluate which party is most aligned with your own beliefs and priorities, nothing beats reading party policies. Each party provides summaries and highlights of their policies on their websites in easy to read formats.

The three highest polling political parties also publish PDF documents with more detail:

On climate change, National dedicates a single page to "Climate change" in their "Environment" policy. Labour has an 8-page "Climate Change" policy that looks like it was slapped together in a hurry.

Meanwhile the Green party has a 20-page "Climate protection plan" of academic quality and references to data sources. They also have a video of the summary in New Zealand Sign Language.

Enjoy reading!