Reporting a bug on TradeMe -- A Rant

So I found an obscure bug on TradeMe, but there is no way to report it. The contact us section just led to an unhelpful help page. The only email address I could find was on the Corporate enquiries page. So in order to report the bug I have to blog about it, so I can pass it off as media.

Frick! How hard would it be to have a contact form that is read and where useful messages are directed accordingly and other messages are ignored. Then there's the fact that although TradeMe has market domination and is likely firkin raking it in, they "can't afford staff to read your email nor reply to it". I wish SellMeFree had a chance.

Anyway. Here's the bug: Deleted favourite searches can not be re-added. To reproduce;

  1. Go to a terminal category
  2. Filter by region
  3. Save the category with the "Save as a favourite category button"
  4. Go to "My Favourites"
  5. Remove the favourite category as a favorite
  6. Go back to the category
  7. The category cannot be saved as a favourite category again. Because the button is disabled and says "Saved as a favourite category" already.

Please fix it TradeMe! I need a new fridge for our new house and your website sucks so I'm gonna be without a fridge and my milk will go off and I'll die of either starvation from skipping breakfast or food poisoning from drinking rotten milk. Thanks! :)

Meanwhile, I'm checking out SellMeFree again...


Trademe Sucks

I so agree Trademe sucks, and if you have a problem with THEIR website that YOU pay exorbitant fees for using, then you have to pay again and ring the help desk for $0.99 per minute. it is such bad service.

They could pay 2 people $15 an hour or less to read emails, our company does and we have more overheads and not nearly as many sales per day. but we can still afford to provide customer service so trademe has No excuse, especially since I just heard they made $50.4 million for last financial year. They could spare $50,000 and pay wages for 2 people to answer emails.

the reason they dont have email contact is because they dont give a toss if you have a problem. they would rather not hear from you and just hope you bugger off rather than deal with the issue.

I try to use other sites, and hopefully sellmefree or zillion or some of the others will take trademe's business.
if everyone who gets sick of trademe uses another site then that will kick trademe's butt a bit, its only that they are 1st on the scene and now its a bit of a trap because everyone uses it and other sites dont get the listings and then dont get the traffic, so then no one lists because of the lack of traffic. its a catch 22.

Message is- trademe sucks so do NZ a favour and use someone elses auction site.


More Money hungry-ism

Photo's cost 10 cents each after the first one, being free. Can just about print one and post it for less.
They recently had a photo special, 8 photos for 10c or so. Why can't that be the norm? Oh and don't forget all the photo's are resized to some pathetic resolution, so that if you wanted to see some detail on an item - You can't.
The seller could have a html link in the auction, but it wont be clickable AND trademe will scrutinise it -_-'

As an auction site, they have shot themselves in the foot! Auctions are partly about bidding until the reserve is met right? So what sense does it make, for TradeMe to now CHARGE you some MORE money (getting angry here lol) if you choose to not have the start price the same as the reserve?

So you see something you like, then you instantly know the reserve because most of us believe that we bleed enough money to them as is, rather than giving them more money (25c in this case)

Rant rant rant >_<'