Seeking junior PHP developer

Graduate software engineer at

Work for an innovative internet startup company, breaking new ground in the areas of social networking and self-understanding.

Salary range: $50,000 to $70,000 NZD
Location: Devonport, Auckland
Start: early May

About you

You are finishing your studies in software engineering or computer science and are seeking experience. Internet technology excites you. You are thorough. And passionate about finding simple solutions for complicated problems.

You are a great programmer.

You are looking forward to gaining experience and working with excellent mentors.

What we can offer

Your ability to understand and evaluate, then abstract and re-use code will be essential to your success in this position. We will test your code and problem solving skills in the interview process.

Other useful experience and skills, in order of importance, are:

  • PHP or other another object oriented language
  • Behavior-driven or test-driven development
  • Behat, Mink, Selenium2, Gherkin, Cucumber
  • Document object model (DOM)
  • Javascript, jQuery or other event-driven programming
  • Git and GitHub
  • Contributing to open source
  • Drupal
  • Linux systems and Puppet
  • Testing frameworks, continuous integration, Jenkins

About Archetypes is a social site that allows a user to identify their archetypes by taking a short quiz. Archetypes are a universal pattern of behavior that motivates everything we do. They represent the blueprint of one's soul. Once discovered, archetypes enable users to better understand themselves and others. The online platform allows users to search original and curated content, products and people, and easily find what is relevant, meaningful and entertaining to them. Visit, take the quiz and begin a journey of self-understanding and become a more authentic you.

We are ready to grow our Auckland team and want a junior developer to grow with us. Are you ready to join us?

You will get to work closely with a dedicated mentor, learn about software development processes for large distributed teams, learn new technologies, new skills and gain valuable industry experience.

How to apply

By Tuesday 29 April, tell us why you would be a good fit for this role, ask any questions and let us know your salary expections.

If you want to send us your CV too, include a link to it. (If sending a link to your CV is a problem, then this might not be the right job for you.)