Starting at Palantir

Logo of Palantir.netToday is a new beginning. Today is my first day at I am now a "Palantiri"! (That's Palantiri-speak for someone who works at ;) is a high-end Drupal consulting & services company based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. has a great team of Drupal developers and contributors, including some friends and past colleagues from CivicActions and NowPublic. And I am excited to be a part of that team!

"Bevan joins our Front-end Development (FED) team as a senior front-end developer. A permanent member of the Drupal Association, Bevan is an active community member and a jack-of-all-Drupal-trades with expertise in theming, Javascript, and module development.

This means that I will be traveling back to North America again in June already, for a one-week long Palantir on-site, DrupalCamp Chicago and one-week working in-house in Palantir's offices.

My title at is "Senior Front End Developer" (aka "themer", or "FED").

To new beginnings...



The Palantiri have been awesome so far. Welcome to the team! :)

Welcome aboard :)

Welcome aboard :)


Will Palantir run the next DrupalCamp New Zealand? Figure i'll go there if i can't make Boston to Chicago...

Always good to see great people working together!


Congratulations to both you and the Palantir team ...

Congratulation Bevan. Exiting

Congratulation Bevan. Exiting news, Palantir are one lucky company ;)

Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone!

contrats bevan

Sounds like a cool step.