Street View coming to Google maps NZ; Camera-vehicle spotted in Christchurch

UPDATE: Robert Coup on Web 2.0 showed up my google foo; The NZ Herald published this news just over a week ago.

UPDATE: I met the driver and got detail shots today

UPDATE: The car was spotted in Christhcurch again on 30th of October. Odd.

Today I was crossing Mansfield ave in Merivale, Christchurch when Celeste pointed out a 'Google car'. I looked and saw a small black car pulling off the curb with a Google logo on the side. I blinked and noticed a bunch of weird contraptions on it's roof. I looked a bit harder and saw a smallish orange-brown cylinder with many smaller circles on it. As the car started driving off I realized it was taking 360º photos for Google Map's Street View.

The Google car photographing 360º for Google Maps Street view

We raced to the car to catch it up and follow it but lost it at the first intersection (we had to get out of a tight car park). We drove around the immediate blocks for ten minutes searching for it and gave up.

Then we saw it coming down Devonport lane towards us on St Albans st. I quickly pulled a right hand turn into Devonport followed immediately by a U-turn behind the Google car and yet another right hand turn back onto St Albans street. We followed the car for another ten minutes around what I think, if I recall correctly, was this route;

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I think it is a black Holden Astra, very new model (2007?), registration plate EFR386.


Also spotted in Dunedin?

Here's the email:

Here's the email:
And a page with a much better photo. It's the same car:
Sending the Author an email...

Spotted before Christmas too

The editor of M-net spotted it before Christmas too:

Yet another Chch siting

Chch, NYE:

Got up to see if I was meant to put out rubbish bags, saw black car and guy cleaning a post ontop of it. Figured it was an aerial camera he was about to use.

30mins later passed it while biking to burwood plantation doing the rounds at Parklands and then saw it and noticed the google label on the door.


Terralink must be spitting tacks

refer to

Too late guys!!

Guess thats what happens when you can't come up with your own ideas.

Google is going to cost them a bomb - who is going to pay for this when google will provide it for free?

Google in Christchurch

This might interest your readers,

Show the results for plate/VIN

2007 Holden Astra Cd Hatch 5Dr Auto Hatchback
Plate: EFR386 Vehicle details
VIN: W0L0AHL4885005608 Registration details

Current Owner Details (1 registered as owner)

Street Address: Pwc Tower Lvl 27
188 Quay Street
Auckland 1001

Ownership Date: 10/12/2007
Sex Or Company: Company
Ownership Status: Complete
Prior Odometer Reading:
(at 07/12/2007) 9 km

Vehicle Details
Vehicle Type: Passenger Car/Van
Chassis Number: no info
Colour: Black
Power: 103 kw
Gross Vehicle Mass: 1,676 kg
Fuel Type: Petrol
Last WOF Inspection: 11/12/2007 (Pass)
Expiry Date Of Last WOF: 25/12/2008

Engine No: Z18XER20KR3445
CC Rating: 1,796
Country Of Origin: Belgium
Assembly Type: Imported Built-Up
No Of Seats: 5
Registration Details
Date First Registered in NZ: 10/12/2007
Licence Expiry Date: 09/12/2008
Licence Issue Date/Time: 10/12/2007 12:57
Cause Of Latest Registration: New
Date Of Last Registration: 10/12/2007
Latest Odometer: 20
Date Of Odometer Reading: 11/12/2007
Odometer Source: Warrant of Fitness Inspection
Odometer Unit: Kilometres

Registration Status: Active
Plate Type: Standard
Licence Type: Licence
Continuous Licence: Yes
Usage: Private Passenger
Subject To COF: No
Subject To RUC: No
Subject To WOF: Yes

Plate History
Plate Date Issued
EFR386 10/12/2007

The information provided in this result has been collected through third
parties. Land Transport New Zealand ............

google car in tawa, wellington

i spotted the google car! it drove past my house up on a hill in tawa, wellington. not what i expected to see for sure - it was between xmas and new years. kinda cool really. txt my m8 as soon as i saw it - i said to them - guess wot just seen a google car :)
p.s anyone met vint cerf before? i have :)


I've always thought those cars were as rare as Yeti! Good job spotting one.

Lumsden really

I was astonished to see the car in Lumsden I must say

i followed it for a while in

i followed it for a while in Palmerston North two days ago, i guess they've run out of exciting city's to photograph :)

Saw that they're still in

Saw that they're still in palmy this morning, why, I'm not too sure but it'll be interesting to see the results.

Also, good on them finally getting some decent satellite imagery from local govt, I can see my house now ;)

Still in Palmy

They must like Palmy, I saw one of the cars in Princess street this morning around 8.15

Interesting Thing

Well thats the first time i'm viewing the pictures of the car. Google seem to be hell bent on improving their search engine for even providing maps which even include map routes.

Great Job!

I can't believe that you spot one of them. Keep it Up!

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Yep another sighting in Winton last week

seen in wainuiomata,

seen in wainuiomata, lowerhutt today

This time spotted ~

Yeh , its looks Google on Roads :) Just kidding .


I saw a Google's car in downtown San Diego a while ago and didn't know what was going on till now. It is astonishing what you can do with so much money. Congrats to Google once again. Google is becoming the world wide web monopoly.

So it is true then

that's awesome, I wanted to do something simular when the first playstation came out, basically take 360 photos and create a car simulator, then i figured it'd be too much work..

when will this be released?

I know...this is amazing, I

I know...this is amazing, I wonder when they're gonna release it. I'm a big fan of google earth, but this one will be truly entertaining.


I can't help but be amused by this. The idea of a 'Google car' just puts a smile on my face.

Google Car In New Plymouth!

Seen The Google Car Today In New Plymouth Around 4.00 By The Main McDonalds In Town. What Are They For?

Saw it in the Waikato

I saw a grey hatch back driving down West Road (Ohaupo, Waikato) two weekends ago. I'm sure it was a Google camera on the roof, cause it's pretty unique! Maybe they've got another car on the job?

I'm pretty sure there are

I'm pretty sure there are several of them

The Spanish newspaper El

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo (English translation) reports that Google's Street View cars have been spotted in many Spanish cities, including Madrid and Barcelona. Apparently, the local police wasn't very impressed and Google was fined for parking in a restricted area. There's even a custom Google Map that includes many locations where Google's cars were spotted in Spain and Google Blogoscoped points to a video that shows a Street View car on the streets of Seville. Google will add Street View imagery for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and other European countries in the coming months.


You are all lucky. It hasn't been in our area, therefore we are not represented with the 360, and there's not even much detail on the satellite.

Google Spotted in Nukuhau Taupo

Yes! I saw a black Astra traveling slowly in Taupo today with Google signs all over the car with an arial on the roof. Quite funny.. I so can't wait for the New Zealand release. But when you think about it, it would take the joy going over seas in some cases. Because it would just be like being there seeing the 3D view from the luxury of your P.C, however two thumbs up for google for their innovative ideas year after year :)

google car

I was always curious to know how the hell they did take those photos in what vehicle. Now it seems pretty normal.... thanks for ruining my dreams

Google streetview in central chch

Yep, we saw it and chased it around some central city blocks for a laugh - he's damn fast isnt he! He then parked the car and went for lunch - hope to be visible online (my 15 minutes of fame) around manchester/oxford tce etc etc.

VERY tempting to go looksie at the car when it was parked up - but behaved myself.

Wouldve LOVED to have had a tracking device in the glove box though - imagine that - following it all over NZ. Wouldve been the road trip of a lifetime - with photos to match!