Upgrade unlocked jail-broken first-generation iPhone to v2 iPhone firmware

My attempt to upgrade my unlocked and jail-broken first-generation iPhone were badly timed with Apple's release of version 2.0.2 firmware about 24 hours beforehand. This meant I initially couldn't use quickpwn because I couldn't restore the 2.0.1 firmware.

Nevertheless quickpwn (windows only) worked once out of 3 attempts on 2.0.2, but wouldn't unlock the phone for my vodafone-NZ prepay SIM card. It stopped everytime after operation 0, and once restarted at operation 5 or so after I disconnected and reconnected the phone.

Then I discovered how to select alternative IPSWs (like iPhone install/restore disk images) in iTunes with alt+'Restore'-button (Thanks CNET) and managed to install my custom IPSW created by PwnageTool. bl46.bin is required by PwnageTool, but not included; I think for legal reasons. After accidentally downloading bl39.bin instead, I found bl46.bin here and here.

I now have everything working. Remote app and WPA2-entreprise (radius server) are 2 apps / features I really appreciate! Things.app is also syncing and working fine!

iTunes restored my settings and some of my data (Notes/stickies, alarms etc) when I connected the newly-pwned phone to iTunes for the first time. Although, as expected I lost all the jail-broken 1.1.4 apps which do not run on version 2 firmware. Some of the main ones (namely twinkle) have new versions in the iTunes store or through Cydia (Alternative to Installer.app; Installer doesn't really work yet). Twinkle and some other iTunes-store apps are free.

I have 2 4 relatively minor problems;

  • WPA2 Enterprise at my university requires ienabler, or a similar tool, to get past the firewall. I can't find such a tool for the iPhone.
  • I can't open Bash (via Cydia) to show on Home after installing it. Am I missing something?
  • The phone doesn't lock itself after one minute, even though I have it set to do so.
  • MobileMe doesn't seem to work with CalDav-synced google calenders and has made a big freakin' mess! (I got it on the free trial for the experience, and to see if it might be useful; but I don't expect so).