Where will your grandkids be 60 years from now?

It is not often I blog off topic, so I hope that you can appreciate how important this is, and spare a few minutes to save your own future, your children's and grandchildren's futures and home planet.

Photo of a desparate man helplessly watching his home burn downWould you just stand around and watch as your home burned down with your children and pets inside? No? So please don't stand around and watch while we destroy our home planet.

This December, world leaders, including New Zealand prim minister John Key, will meet in Copenhagen to decide what the world should do about climate change. John needs our support in order to do the right thing in Copenhagen. Please Sign On today. This is a great chance to make a difference.

Over 50,000 New Zealanders have already Signed On, from Lucy Lawless, Stephen Tindall and Cliff Curtis through to Rhys Darby and of course, me too!

If you don't live in NZ, find out what you can do locally. Write to your local politicians, heads of state or ask Greenpeace in your country what you can do.

Don't sit around and do nothing. How are you going answer to your children when they ask why you didn't do anything about climate change before it was too late?

There is an edition of the International Herald Tribune published 6 months in the future which demonstrates the importance of having a voice NOW.

Click the following link to sign on now http://www.signon.org.nz/join-me/77782406

Our unborn children and grandchildren are saying thank you.