iPhone Unlocking Service in Christchurch NZ

UPDATE: I no longer offer this service.

Original blog post follows...

Due to high rank in google search results for queries about unlocked iPhone upgrades to v2 firmware and my recent article about my own experiences. A number of people in Christchurch have contacted me about unlocking their first-generation iPhones that have become locked after upgrading. This is not my trade, and is not something I would consider myself a professional in. However I am confident enough to do this without bricking (rendering it permanently useless) the phone.

While I'd prefer to help others to do it themselves, I understand this is too much to learn or too overwhelming for many people. If you would like me to unlock your iPhone, please contact me. These are my terms;

Microsoft trying to be cool -- using (exploiting?) students as a marketing device

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mar 17, 2008 9:49 AM
Subject: Microsoft Student Partners 2008

Hey everyone,

My name is Janina Voigt and I am one of the three Microsoft Student
Partners for 2008. The other Student Partners are Yugan Yugaraja and
Mayur Sampat.
Our role is to bridge the gap between students and academics at
Canterbury, and Microsoft.

We will be carrying out presentations and/or workshops throughout the
year on a variety of topics such as .NET Framework, C#, Popfly,

MacBook Air notes

Now I've had almost a day to recover from my yearly applegism, I thought I'd note a few highlighted thoughts on this hot new gadget. Check out my tweets starting from Wednesday 16 January NZST for a full log of my applegasmic experience.

The Ad is beautiful. I seriously admire apple's marketing team.
iPorn: MacBook Air withdrawn from brown envelope
See the Ad

Steve jobs pulled it out of an envelope at the keynote too. Very cool!
Steve Jobs taking the MacBook Air out of an envelope at the Keynote, January 15 2008
See larger image

Am I a fanboy?

Apparently I'm an Apple Fanboi. Maybe I am. I don't try to be. Actually I try not to be. Maybe I'm a sucker for shiny gadgets. Worse, perhaps I'm a sucker of good marketing. In any case, I'd like apple-fanbois and critics to know that I <metaphor> keep a lifejacket under my seat in case I need to jump ship </metaphor>. By that I mean;

Applegasmic -- Hot New iPorn!

I'm having an applegism. Check out this iPorn:

iPorn: MacBook Air withdrawn from brown envelope
See the Ad

Quote: Use a laptop the way it was intended

Last night at The Valley In Christchurch:

[Get a MacBook] then you can use a laptop the way it was intended

LCD screen comparison; Dell 30" vs MacBook Pro

While checking out Raincity Studio's drupal work on I found myself becoming agitated by the bright orange color palette. I whined a little about the design then realized my monitor is partially to blame. The model I have of Dell's 30" LCD monitor (Here's the newer model) has a whopping 1:1000 contrast ratio. Is that what makes firefox-orange so damned bright?

In these photos I've tried (not completely successfully) to capture the difference between the Dell monitor and th MacBook Pro monitor: side-by-side on Dell 30

IE6 running on Leopard Mac OS X with IEs4OSX

Gabor blogged about how IEs4OSX saved I was impressed with his review so I tried it out myself. Now I don't have to boot up greedy 'ol parallels everyday just to update my hours in Quickbooks (It even runs activeX controls)! :)

I definitely recommend IEs4OSX.

Screenshot of Quickbooks running in IEs4OSX on Leopard Mac OS X

For Sale: Apple AirPort Extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi Wireless Base Station - As new

I'm selling my Apple AirPort Base station. This device kicks-arse, but it's now surplus;

If you want it for $190 (mates-rates), let me know asap so I can cancel the auction before anyone bids.

iMac won't get touchscreen?

11:25AM: "[You] introduced multitouch on iPhone, what about for the Mac?"

Steve: "Makes sense for the iPhone, not sure it makes sense in the Mac. Classify that as a research project."

From Engadget: Apple's summer Mac product press conference

WTF? How can such usability revolutionists not realize the potential of putting multi-touch technology on the desktop?

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