Announcing NZ's first drupal camp: DrupalSouth

Together with some friends and colleagues we have been working hard to organise, finalize and publish details of what will be the two most important days for Drupal in New Zealand:

DrupalSouth: The New Zealand Drupal Event for 2008

DrupalSouth logo: The DrupliKiwiFruit DrupalSouth is the New Zealand Drupal Event for 2008. DrupalSouth will bring NZ's Drupal community together for the first nation-wide Drupal event and the first ever Drupal camp in NZ.

iPhone Unlocking Service in Christchurch NZ

UPDATE: I no longer offer this service.

Original blog post follows...

Due to high rank in google search results for queries about unlocked iPhone upgrades to v2 firmware and my recent article about my own experiences. A number of people in Christchurch have contacted me about unlocking their first-generation iPhones that have become locked after upgrading. This is not my trade, and is not something I would consider myself a professional in. However I am confident enough to do this without bricking (rendering it permanently useless) the phone.

While I'd prefer to help others to do it themselves, I understand this is too much to learn or too overwhelming for many people. If you would like me to unlock your iPhone, please contact me. These are my terms;

Firefox 3 Release Party in Christchurch

Mozilla has finally announced Firefox 3's launch date; this Tuesday 17 June. (Note that's probably US time, so it will be Wednesday in NZ).

Mozilla wants to break a guiness world record for number of downloads in one day and I'm sure they'll achieve it. You can go pledge on (A drupal site):

I created a "FF3 launch party" event in Christchurch for kicks on

I think we get some free gear if enough people come or something.

NZ Drupal Vendor or Developer needed for Snow and Skateboard Ecommerce Sites

Online retailers BWMsnow and SKATEgear require the professional services of a Drupal vendor or developer to take over the maintenance and future development their websites.

BWMsnow is NZ's largest online retailer of snowboard gear and has been operating for more than 4 years internationally, focussing more heavily on the NZ market in recent years. BWMsnow was NZ's only online retailer of snowboard gear until recently. BWMsnow is a NZ limited company which continues to grows significantly every selling season (March to June).

Google camera-car detail

After yesterday's siting and all the related discussion, the firkin Google car was parked right outside our house today! Well not right outside, but on the other side of the park next to our house -- less than 100 metres away. Celeste called me with the news and I ran out of the house with the camera, socks, no keys, no shoes, front door wide open. A bloke was sitting at a picnic table in the park. He looked like he might be the driver on his lunch break:
"Excuse me. Are you the driver of the google car?". But no, he was a fellow geek waiting to see if the driver came back to the car. I chatted to him briefly until the driver did return to the car;

"Excuse me. Are you the driver of the google car?"
"Gidday I'm Bevan"
"Hi I'm Michael"
"Do you mind if I take some photos...."
[Snap Snap Snap]
The 360º camera mounted on the roof of the google car

Street View coming to Google maps NZ; Camera-vehicle spotted in Christchurch

UPDATE: Robert Coup on Web 2.0 showed up my google foo; The NZ Herald published this news just over a week ago.

UPDATE: I met the driver and got detail shots today

UPDATE: The car was spotted in Christhcurch again on 30th of October. Odd.

Today I was crossing Mansfield ave in Merivale, Christchurch when Celeste pointed out a 'Google car'. I looked and saw a small black car pulling off the curb with a Google logo on the side. I blinked and noticed a bunch of weird contraptions on it's roof. I looked a bit harder and saw a smallish orange-brown cylinder with many smaller circles on it. As the car started driving off I realized it was taking 360º photos for Google Map's Street View.

The Google car photographing 360º for Google Maps Street view
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