How to turn into Free Software supporters people who couldn't care less

The attachment is a mirror of a great article that is inaccessible and is being slashdotted.

For Sale: Apple AirPort Extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi Wireless Base Station - As new

I'm selling my Apple AirPort Base station. This device kicks-arse, but it's now surplus;

If you want it for $190 (mates-rates), let me know asap so I can cancel the auction before anyone bids.

How to get the most value out of your programmer

This article about the psychology of programmers hits the nail on the head. Finding it difficult and even impossible to get 'into the flow', was one of the sources of frustration in my recent employment that lead me to resigning.

Now I work virtually for CivicActions and I can create my own space and time to get in the flow and do the fun interesting (and billable) work.

There are several efforts around to collect links and summaries of drupal sites. This is by far the most comprehensive I've seen so far. Sites are categorized by region and other useful terms;

Listing of all Drupal modules, by KentBye

This is an interesting and probably also useful view of all contrib modules;
and images on Flickr.

KentBye is the creator of the visualise backtrace module, which also kicks arse! Go Kent!


A great collection of cartoons inspired by spam titles. This one's title is;

Shake The Extra Fat, You Will Be Surprised

Shake The Extra Fat, You Will Be Surprised

Lullabot's 50 tips and tricks

This is useful even for the most seasoned Drupal user and developer;

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