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Node Teaser (somewhat) fixed in drupal 6!

My largest code contribution to Drupal core just got committed! :) At last node_teaser() can take a rest -- at least for a while anyway. It looks like there'll be another round of work on it for Drupal 7).

Lullabot's 50 tips and tricks

This is useful even for the most seasoned Drupal user and developer;

Drupal NZ

Drupal NZ is launched at

It needs content and people to configure the modules etc...

Go sign up!

Just Cause - Beta launch

I've been working on Just Cause for a while and was glad to see it finally launched! I themed this.
JUST CAUSE is up and running! We are, as of TODAY, opening our virtual doors and ask you to PLEASE come to and JOIN US! As a beta site, you can still expect some glitches and missing features, but you can help us fix them, by sending us any and all feedback. We have built an online social networking site that enables people to connect around the causes that matter to them. Now we need the people. We need you.

Drupal: Easy is hard, hard is easy

A thoughtful summary of drupal by a smart client;

The rule of thumb with Drupal is that only the hard stuff is easy. The easy stuff always seems to be hard.

We were having a hard time dealing with an extra annoying bug which was frustrating everyone. This was in reference to wanting to put meta tags on a page -- an incredibly simple task in their old static html site, and (understandably) seemingly difficult in the all new super-powered (but sometimes broken) drupal site.

My first Drupal Module -- proposal

I propose an in-context web-editing interface, and drupal module, that;

  • is intuitive,
  • allows in-context editing by integrating elements of node-edit form into the view of a node,
  • is minimalistic in it's interface elements,

The Writable Web

There are many varying ideas of what "Web 2.0" 'is'. I like the notion that "Web 1.0" is the read-only media-enhanced hyper-linked internet -- where hyperlinks are it's best feature and almost it's foundation -- while "Web 2.0" encompasses the technology that enables media-rich read-write interfaces, on top of everything "Web 1.0" is. While this "Web 2.0" technology is not new, it has been enhanced enabled and made ready for-the-masses. Broadband is a significant part in this, particularly for media-rich websites.

Reply from NZ Minister of Education

A slashdot posting a while back got me writing a couple of letters
and getting involved at the NeoOffice forums. This morning I got a reply signed by Mr Steve Maharey, NZ Minister of Education, himself. Although it has his signature, I suspect that he didn't actually write it -- although he hopefully read my email and the reply.

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