Curriculum Vitae

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Updated: December 2015

I have 10+ years experience doing what I am most passionate about; building webapps and sites–creating great experiences on the internet!

I find it satisfying to solve problems. I have very advanced skills and experience with all web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) and many back-end technologies; especially PHP and MySQL.

I have worked remotely for companies in North America and Australia for most of my career. I am interested in both on-site and remote opportunities. Referees are available for all my recent clients and employers.

  • 10+ years industry experience
  • JavaScript; Node.js, Express.js, RenderJS, Angular, Backbone, jQuery
  • PHP; Drupal, Composer, PSR-*
  • REST APIs, HTML5, CSS, SQL, XML, Puppet, bash, shell scripting, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, C++, C
  • Usability, user experience and user interaction design
  • Continuous integration, automated testing; Behat, Gherkin, Travis CI, Scrutinizer CI, Codeship, Code Climate
  • I organised two Drupal conferences in New Zealand; DrupalSouth Christchurch November 2008 and DrupalSouth Wellington January 2010.
  • Active open source contributor, especially to Drupal
  • Advisor to the Drupal Association
  • Google me!

Personal details

  • Bevan Rudge

  • New Zealand and Australia

  • Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand (I am happy to travel, but not relocate)

  • English is my first language. I am fluent in Spanish.

  • Please contact me via my contact form.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
I studied first and second year computer science papers at the University of Canterbury. I was an A-grade student and enjoyed many of the papers on programming, software engineering, compilers, databases, human-computer interaction. Though I found that the content of most of the rest of the papers was out of date and not relevant to modern web development, and preferred to teach myself.
Cambridge CELTA - pass B
March 2004 - Rotorua English Language Academy
See the certificate or the reference letter from RELA
NZQA University Entrance, Bursaries and Scholarships
2001 - Hillcrest High School
See the bursary certificate or the reference letter from HHS

Work Experience

Freelance developer, trainer, mentor, solutions architect
2004 to present, Auckland and remote
Many projects including user interaction design, ecommerce stores, an economics calculator for analysis of planned and actual hydroelectric power station projects, systems integration for a telecommunications company and creation of public APIs for call records data, automated transfer of music collections from Rdio to Google Play Music, Spotify, etc.; Drupal, Angular JS, Rendr, Flask, Python, Postgres.
Website Project Manager - The Big Idea
May to December 2015, Auckland
Solutions architecture, project management, data migration system development, requirements gathering, testing oversight.
Lead Software Engineer -
September 2013 to May 2015
Solutions architecture, feature development, bug fixes, code reviews, automated testing (Behat), continuous integration (Jenkins); Drupal, Angular JS, Silex, MySQL.
Website Manager and Technical Lead - NZ eScience Infrastructure at the University of Auckland
April 2013 to August 2013, Auckland
Integrating with 5 high-performance computing clusters in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, I managed the website and led the development team. I moved the website to more reliable managed infrastructure and, agile development and project management practices in place and trained a junior software engineer.
Drupal Consultant - PreviousNext
July 2011 to August 2012, remote
Drupal consulting, training, site architecture & building, custom module development.
Senior Front End Developer -
June 2010 to July 2011, remote
I built complex system integrations for internal time-tracking and time log data collation. I turned mockups into CSS, HTML and Drupal code. And I worked on javascript, CSS and images.
Senior Front End Drupal Software Engineer - ( & Clarity Digital Group)
December 2009 to May 2010, Vancouver and remote
Features and bugs fixes for (news website) and Scan — a conversation tracker for twitter, social networks and social media, which was embedded on,,,, and others. Much of my work was on complex javascript features and code for embedding Scan on third party websites.
Engineer and Themer - CivicActions, LLC
August 2007 to December 2009, remote
I was the technical lead on Conservation Strategy Fund's website and the CSF HydroCalculator Tool. I themed,, ACLU Freedom Files Season 2 website, I was the tech lead and did most of the development on to integrate signups, SOAP web services and customized registration to a third party website. I worked on the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for the Witness Hub with the Hub Map being a central overview of site activity. Work on the Hub map included extensive integration with Google Maps and development of a full-screen mode switch for google maps.
Web developer - Calmer NZ Limited
August 2006 to July 2007, Christchurch, NZ
I developed and maintained in collaboration with outsourcees, and managed outsourced development and other projects such as and
Referee available
Contract Web Developer and Support Technician - Tincan Ltd
February 2006 to July 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina
My responsibilities were to maintain and support the open-source community that uses phplist.
Referee available
ESOL teacher
April 2004 to July 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina
I taught English in corporations, institutes, language camps, and private classes. I stopped teaching full time in July 2005 to focus on my web development career. In 2004 I taught with Colonias de Inmersión al Idioma, and independently in Buenos Aires city in 2005 and 2006.


  • My four year old daughter means the world to me!
  • I love snowboarding. I enjoy most other board sports and snow sports too.
  • I enjoy adventure and the outdoors; hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, sailing & camping.