MusicIP Mixer

I heard about MusicIP through a colleague recently, whose description sums it up quite well:

MusicIP Mixer - this one is closed source, but free as in beer - this does an acoustic analysis of each track, and creates playlists 'based' on a single track, or a set of tracks (a 'mood') - and awesome way to discover new music you didn't know you have! It is also a really good browser and tagger (it plays through MPD, or any media player you want). It can also transfer music to different devices, although I have never needed to really test this out.

And I said 'Wow!', downloaded it.

It took most of the day to analyze my 20-something Gb of music, and today I tried it out. I put in the first track of DJ Marky's 'Brazilian Mix' and hit 'Mix', sent the playlist to iTunes (you can play it in MusicIP too) and now I'm listening to 'Wink' by Dieselboy, I don't even know where I got this track from but I quite like it. Also on the play list are a bunch of tracks I'd forgotten about from Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, and other less-well-known artists. There are also a bunch of tracks from locals like Salmonella Dub, Pitch Black, and Concord Dawn, which fit the profile, I think. Plus of course a bunch of other tracks from The Brazilian mix -- as one would expect.

I was surprised to see some tracs like a Bossanova version of Bob Marley's 'Buffalo Soldier' by Maria Ines. I wonder if that one was matched by the keywords Brazil and Bossanova? Fortunately there's no music from Brazil I don't like... :)

The interface is also pretty good. It's clearly 'ala itunes' with changes. So the user workflow isn't smooth but at least it looks nice on the OS X desktop:

I have one question; How do I buy it? Some software team has gone to a lot of hard work on this, and I'd love to use some of the advanced features. But there seems to be no 'purchase' buttons in the UI or on the website.