Your Drupal website has a backdoor

I estimate hundreds of thousands of Drupal websites now have backdoors; between ten and ninety percent of all Drupal websites. Automated Drupageddon exploits were in the wild within hours of the announcement. Updating or patching Drupal does not fix backdoors that attackers installed before updating or patching Drupal. Backdoors give attackers admin access and allow arbitrary PHP execution.

This is not a drill: Update Drupal 7 NOW

Half of a client's Drupal 7 sites were compromised over the weekend.

If you did not update your Drupal 7 website by about Friday, your site was probably hacked too: Update to Drupal 7.32 or apply the patch manually updating is not trivial.

After that, you will need to review your site's administrator users, permissions, logs and content for unexpected users, roles, permissions, content and and scripts.

Nuclear energy policies of NZ political parties

Most kiwis are, unfortunately, too proud of New Zealand's traditional anti-nuclear political stance to keep an open mind on the topic. Media and politics promote the idea that the rest of the world is "impressed" by our political stance. (My impression is that the rest of the world actually thinks our policy is stupid.)

Kiwis are so proud of our nuclear stance, that it would probably be political suicide for a politician or political party to say "lets build nuclear power stations" or even just "lets revisit bans on nuclear ships".

How to be a climate voter in the NZ general elections

In the face of climate change, nothing else is of much significance. NZ 2014 general elections are an opportune time to start reversing humanity's destruction of this planet we call home.

But understanding how to be a "climate voter" can be a challenge. Is it really as simple as voting for the Green party? Lets take a look.

"Unfortunately, contacts has stopped" on Samsung Galaxy S3

I have not been able to use the dialer/keypad or log/history in the Phone app on my Samsang Galaxy S3 since an Android upgrade about four months ago. Whenever I opened them I would get the message "Unfortunately, contacts has stopped". And in order to dial numbers I would have to save them as a contact first.

It is a bug in Android that causes certain configurations to have no valid date format, which in turn causes Contacts app to crash this bug. The workaround solution is so trivial, it is embarrassing for Samsung and Google that they have not fixed this bug yet;

Seeking junior PHP developer

Graduate software engineer at

Work for an innovative internet startup company, breaking new ground in the areas of social networking and self-understanding.

Salary range: $50,000 to $70,000 NZD
Location: Devonport, Auckland
Start: early May

About you

You are finishing your studies in software engineering or computer science and are seeking experience. Internet technology excites you. You are thorough. And passionate about finding simple solutions for complicated problems.

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