IE8 passes Acid2?

Screenshot of IE8 passing the ACID2 Face test

Dean at M$ reckons IE8 passes the ACID2 face 'test'. I'm dubious. The screen shot is convincing, but I'll believe when I've seen it with my own eyes.

How to get the most value out of your programmer

This article about the psychology of programmers hits the nail on the head. Finding it difficult and even impossible to get 'into the flow', was one of the sources of frustration in my recent employment that lead me to resigning.

Now I work virtually for CivicActions and I can create my own space and time to get in the flow and do the fun interesting (and billable) work.

Yet Another Reason Why Open Source is Fun! :)

This one is from the description of the exhibit module on It made me laugh! :)

Note: This is experimental software meant for advanced users; assume nothing works, and you may be pleasantly surprised. And when it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

How often do you get spammed?

I get spammed approximately every 103 seconds. Really. Here are my numbers and calculations;

The mailboxes collectively include several catch-all's and many webmaster@ postmaster@ and abuse@ email addresses. I used to publish my email addresses online fairly liberally. Some of the email addresses are several years old and are probably on every single spam-mailing-list.

How many spam emails do you get?

UPDATE: See the follow-up at

Away December 7 to 17

I'm away in Australia visiting family and attending a wedding from Friday 7 December to Monday 17 December. I will have little (if any) internet connectivity while away.

I'm back! Had fun. All family stuff, lot's of driving, some kangaroos and a few beaches.

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