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Douglas to give me £8.5m GBP?

UPDATE: Can anyone tell me why this page gets so many hits?

Good ol' 'Douglas Smith' of Prime Bank (at least the bank is real) wants to give me half of the £8.5 million pound sterling he's trying to steal from the bank:

I am an auditor for PRIME BANK London, during my last auditing I realized an unclaimed Bank Draft of 8,528,000GBP

Quote: Belt sander in the eye

This one is from a javascript file by an unknown colleague at CivicActions.

* there is a rediculous amount of stupidity going on here to deal with
* safari + ie + ff + tabs + gmaps + form data
* don't mess with this unless you enjoy a belt sander in the eye.

Quote: My native language is Drupal

Chx in IRC

my native language is Drupal / PHP

from Chx can not be distracted dot com. lol

Quote: Use a laptop the way it was intended

Last night at The Valley In Christchurch:

[Get a MacBook] then you can use a laptop the way it was intended

Yet Another Reason Why Open Source is Fun! :)

This one is from the description of the exhibit module on drupal.org. It made me laugh! :)

Note: This is experimental software meant for advanced users; assume nothing works, and you may be pleasantly surprised. And when it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.

User errors; stupid user or ignorant developer?

This one come's from a great article from humanized about usability in floss:

User errors are a sign that the interface is inhumane, not that the users are dumb. To dismiss these errors as signs of user stupidity is to ignore the very information that should be telling you how to improve the design. “The status quo is good enough” is not an attitude that has ever lead to progress.

Drupal: Easy is hard, hard is easy

A thoughtful summary of drupal by a smart client;

The rule of thumb with Drupal is that only the hard stuff is easy. The easy stuff always seems to be hard.

We were having a hard time dealing with an extra annoying bug which was frustrating everyone. This was in reference to wanting to put meta tags on a page -- an incredibly simple task in their old static html site, and (understandably) seemingly difficult in the all new super-powered (but sometimes broken) drupal site.

Development time to code relationships

My favourite! :)

The first 90% of the code accounts for the first 90% of the development time. The remaining 10% of the code accounts for the other 90% of the development time.

Programmers don't create good graphical user interfaces

I think this came from an article on UXmatters:

Databases are one of the ways of organizing information. And it's really popular due to the specifics of computers. Computers work great with numbers. Slicing data into small parts, organizing it, and indexing is what computers do great and fast.

Censorship quote

Not sure where this one came from;

Censorship is the editing of collective human consiousness

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