Programmers don't create good graphical user interfaces

I think this came from an article on UXmatters:

Databases are one of the ways of organizing information. And it's really popular due to the specifics of computers. Computers work great with numbers. Slicing data into small parts, organizing it, and indexing is what computers do great and fast.

People, though, don't organize information that way in their heads. Associations between objects are too complex and differ from one person to another. Modern computers are not able to reproduce that. Computers complement people's abilities to store and sort information and are great tools for finding and analyzing data.

But I think if we can build better bridges connecting the ways computers and humans organize information, we can build a better user experience.

That pretty much sums up one of my main motivations for doing what I do. Programmers, developers and software engineers are great at understanding how computers work and structuring real life things into precisely structured objects and blocks of data that computers can handle efficiently.

People, however (Programmers and SEs aren't normal people -- they're super-human!) don't think like that. Normal people need interfaces that are the exact opposite to this structure. From my experience, Programmers don't create good graphical user interfaces -- and they shouldn't be expected too, as GUI design skills are unrelated to programming and SE skills.

I enjoy trying to bridge that gap! :)