About Bevan

I am a web technologist from Auckland, New Zealand. I enjoy being a Dad, snowboarding and building amazing user experiences on the internet.

I have 10 years experience doing what I am most passionate about; building websites!

I find it satisfying to solve problems. I have very advanced skills and experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

I am looking for opportunities to work more with Angular JS, Node.js, isomorphic JavaScript (especially Rendr), Python or Drupal.

Parallels Coherence weirdness

Parallels coherence is even better in the newest versions. Each Windows window is an individual application window on the OSX desktop too -- meaning you can have expose for windows too! However the drop shadows are kind of hackish and break usability sometimes. I'm not sure if it was like this in tiger or not -- I upgraded to Leopard recently...

Just Cause It hype

There has been a lot of hype building up around Just Cause recently;

Witness Hub

I was involved in this project. I worked on google maps integration to capture and display geodata for users, videos, events, campaigns and boilt down to the Hub Map. From CivicActions' launch post;

Last Wednesday, CivicActions launched the WITNESS Video Hub.

MusicIP Mixer

I heard about MusicIP through a colleague recently, whose description sums it up quite well:

User errors; stupid user or ignorant developer?

This one come's from a great article from humanized about usability in floss:

User errors are a sign that the interface is inhumane, not that the users are dumb. To dismiss these errors as signs of user stupidity is to ignore the very information that should be telling you how to improve the design. “The status quo is good enough” is not an attitude that has ever lead to progress.

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