My first Drupal Module -- proposal

I propose an in-context web-editing interface, and drupal module, that;

  • is intuitive,
  • allows in-context editing by integrating elements of node-edit form into the view of a node,
  • is minimalistic in it's interface elements,

Reply from NZ Minister of Education

A slashdot posting a while back got me writing a couple of letters
and getting involved at the NeoOffice forums. This morning I got a reply signed by Mr Steve Maharey, NZ Minister of Education, himself. Although it has his signature, I suspect that he didn't actually write it -- although he hopefully read my email and the reply.

In the beginning was the...

In the beginning was the command line.

I've just finished reading this great essay/book. Wow!! What a great read! Highly recommended.

There is an interesting write up at wikipedia that makes more sense AFTER reading the essay/book. And long-winded but also interesting interview on slashdot.

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