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Scheduled Publishing with Workbench Moderation

Originally posted at PreviousNext.com.au.

Scheduler module allows content editors to specify times for content to be published and/or unpublished. However it is not compatible with Workbench Moderation module, which allows content to have states like “draft” and “needs review” rather than just “published” or not.

Scheduler Workbench is a new module that integrates Workbench Moderation and Scheduler modules, so that content can be configured to become published or unpublished and be assigned a new moderation state at a date and time specified by the content editor.

Listing of all Drupal modules, by KentBye

This is an interesting and probably also useful view of all contrib modules; http://www.kentbye.com/files/drupal_modules_all.html
and images on Flickr.

KentBye is the creator of the visualise backtrace module, which also kicks arse! Go Kent!

My first Drupal Module -- proposal

I propose an in-context web-editing interface, and drupal module, that;

  • is intuitive,
  • allows in-context editing by integrating elements of node-edit form into the view of a node,
  • is minimalistic in it's interface elements,
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