CivicActions In Paris!

CivicActions Logo: EmpoweredCivicActions is in Paris, and we are running some great sessions at DrupalCon Paris 2009;

Photo of Gregory Heller smiling in a CivicActions Empowered T-shirt We won't be at the job fair this year, but please hunt us down at the conference (we'll be wearing CivicActions t-shirts) if you're looking for work or want to join a first-class international and virtual team of world-changing Drupal developers. You can also contact us through the website for more info or if you want to make sure you don't miss us.

Attending CivicActioners are;

  1. Doug Green
  2. Stella Power
  3. Bevan Rudge
  4. Alex Scott
  5. Jozef Toth
  6. Kevin Walsh