DrupalSouth returns!

Four years after the last DrupalSouth, and three fantastic Australasian Drupal conferences later, DrupalSouth returns!

DrupalSouth Wellington 14-16 February 2014 is setting up to be a great event! With an awesome venue, large capacity and amazing sponsors, things are well on track.

I co-organised the previous two DrupalSouth's in Christchurch 2008 and Wellington 2010. Josh Waihi is leading the charge for this great event. I am chair for the front end track. And I am recruiting you!

The call for submissions is open until the end of the month. That means you have just two weeks to get your session proposals in!

The theme of this event is "Unlikely Superhero". We want to showcase how Drupal changes the way that we build websites.

You do not need to have previous presentation experience (although it helps) to present at DrupalSouth. You just need to have something that you can share that others will find interesting. Perhaps;

  • A Drupal contrib project or subsystem that you know well, e.g. Twig, Views, Zen, Symfony, Features, new features in Drupal 8
  • A tool or technology that complements Drupal, e.g. Puppet, Backbone.js, jQuery, Sass, Backdrop, Redis, Memcache, Apache Solr.
  • An interesting website you worked on. Case studies are very popular, and there are some great Drupal websites in NZ and Australia to share!

Submit your session proposal now!

If you have an idea but are not sure, want to discuss, or practice, you can contact your local Drupal meetup organiser, a fellow member or me! :)

See you in less than four months!