Favorite text editor in web browser

I spend a lot of time on the read-write web. I work on a lot of large complicated documents on the web. I often copy text from forms in my web browser to a text editor that is easy to use. I am sick of using basic text editors that web browsers have. This however is a less than ideal workflow.

I would love to have my favorite text editor embedded in my favorite web browser. Something like this:
composed screenshot showing textmate embedded in firefox

text-editor-in-browser.png201.71 KB


That would be nice, but

That would be nice, but fortunately we have 'Edit in Textmate' which is almost this.

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Say what?

Say what? What's this feature? How do I find it?

Hi Bevan, if you want to use

Hi Bevan,

if you want to use TextMate with Firefox you should head over to
http://blog.circlesixdesign.com/2007/02/23/textmate-firefox/ and read along.

For the Cocoa based web browsers you can open TextMate and go to: Bundles -> TextMate -> Install "Edit in TextMate".... you will then have an "Edit in TextMate" under the "Edit" menu in Cocoa based applications like Safari, Mail, Camino...


I can't make this work for me

I can't make this work for me unfortunately. Leopard. Safari, Camino

Have a look at this

Have a look at this post:
and look if your TextMate is on "cutting edge updates".