Migrating to Firefox 3, still not quite ready

I got Navigator 9's official EOL notice last week. But FF3 still isn't quite ready for me. Navigator 9 Migrator tool / extension is absolutely useless.

UPDATE: I'm now on FF3 full time and loving it. I'm still missing a couple of features though:

I still need some extensions to migrate fully:
* Undo Closed Tabs
* Firebug

and really really want (almost need):
* Mac Favicon XL (theme)
* Google PageRank Status, or SearchStatus (enables Google web history)
* It's All Text!

And would like
* Html Validator
* ColorZilla
* dragdropupload

Favorite text editor in web browser

I spend a lot of time on the read-write web. I work on a lot of large complicated documents on the web. I often copy text from forms in my web browser to a text editor that is easy to use. I am sick of using basic text editors that web browsers have. This however is a less than ideal workflow.

I would love to have my favorite text editor embedded in my favorite web browser. Something like this:

Is IPv6 finally here?

"On February 4th, IANA will add AAAA records for the IPv6 addresses of the four root servers." http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/01/03/1954245

Does that mean IPv6 is finally happening? I guess it's time to make sure your web host supports IPv6, or switch to one that does.

Rainbow Tag Cloud

This tag cloud is great! The implementation isn't ideal with the font tag, but it works nicely and is quite effective from a usability POV too; Rainbow tag cloud

Recommended article on web usability and eye-tracking

This great article on web readability and usability based on results of eye-tracking analysis was fairly unsurprising for me, except for this snippet;

The Writable Web

There are many varying ideas of what "Web 2.0" 'is'. I like the notion that "Web 1.0" is the read-only media-enhanced hyper-linked internet -- where hyperlinks are it's best feature and almost it's foundation -- while "Web 2.0" encompasses the technology that enables media-rich read-write interfaces, on top of everything "Web 1.0" is. While this "Web 2.0" technology is not new, it has been enhanced enabled and made ready for-the-masses. Broadband is a significant part in this, particularly for media-rich websites.

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