Firefox 3 Release Party in Christchurch

Mozilla has finally announced Firefox 3's launch date; this Tuesday 17 June. (Note that's probably US time, so it will be Wednesday in NZ).

Mozilla wants to break a guiness world record for number of downloads in one day and I'm sure they'll achieve it. You can go pledge on (A drupal site):

I created a "FF3 launch party" event in Christchurch for kicks on

I think we get some free gear if enough people come or something.

Firefox 3 almost stable? And Mac Favicon Theme

I just got this email from Mozilla about the soon release of Firefox 3 release candidate, asking addon developers to get their extensions updated and released for FF3 RCs. If you have an extension released on you would have received this email too. I have two variations of FF2's default Mac theme that enable favicons in the bookmarks toolbar: Mac Favicon and Mac Favicon XL.

Migrating to Firefox 3, still not quite ready

I got Navigator 9's official EOL notice last week. But FF3 still isn't quite ready for me. Navigator 9 Migrator tool / extension is absolutely useless.

UPDATE: I'm now on FF3 full time and loving it. I'm still missing a couple of features though:

I still need some extensions to migrate fully:
* Undo Closed Tabs
* Firebug

and really really want (almost need):
* Mac Favicon XL (theme)
* Google PageRank Status, or SearchStatus (enables Google web history)
* It's All Text!

And would like
* Html Validator
* ColorZilla
* dragdropupload

Firefox 3, almost converted

I'm almost ready to switch to Firefox 3. There are just a couple of necessary add-ons that I can't live without that I would need to make it my default and main browser;

  • Undo Closed Tabs Button
  • Mac Favicon XL theme (Since this is my own theme I'll have to update it myself. To get all the benefits of Mac native form widgets and nice new usability improvements I'll base it off FF3's default theme)
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