Firefox 3, almost converted

I'm almost ready to switch to Firefox 3. There are just a couple of necessary add-ons that I can't live without that I would need to make it my default and main browser;

  • Undo Closed Tabs Button
  • Mac Favicon XL theme (Since this is my own theme I'll have to update it myself. To get all the benefits of Mac native form widgets and nice new usability improvements I'll base it off FF3's default theme)

There are a few other would-be-nice add-ons which I can live without (for a short while at least);

  • Colorzilla
  • dragdropupload
  • ErrorZilla
  • Firebug
  • Gmail Manager
  • Google PageRank Status, or SearchStatus (These both make Google History work)
  • ShowIP
  • HTML Validator
  • Web Developer

I'm really looking forward to ditching Navigator 9. It really is a big bitch and runs like a whore on Leopard.