Review of Drupal Contrib Themes

Dan Lennox @ emspace has gone to a lot of trouble reviewing drupal's contrib themes. This is really useful for anyone seeking a contrib theme for their client's site.

Rainbow Tag Cloud

This tag cloud is great! The implementation isn't ideal with the font tag, but it works nicely and is quite effective from a usability POV too; Rainbow tag cloud

Just Cause - Beta launch

I've been working on Just Cause for a while and was glad to see it finally launched! I themed this.
JUST CAUSE is up and running! We are, as of TODAY, opening our virtual doors and ask you to PLEASE come to and JOIN US! As a beta site, you can still expect some glitches and missing features, but you can help us fix them, by sending us any and all feedback. We have built an online social networking site that enables people to connect around the causes that matter to them. Now we need the people. We need you.
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