Feriana.co.nz Drupal 6 Showcase

I recently finished Feriana.co.nz, a simple Drupal 6 site for my fiancée and her handbag business. It uses CCK, Views and Panels 2 alpha, as well as ImageField, ImageCache and Lightbox2 modules. I also wrote Image Themer and Views Themer modules, which I contributed to the Themer package and plan to abstract in to re-usable solutions in my next Drupal 6 theming project which I start this week. I will also be demonstrating these modules at the Advanced Theming Techniques session (if it gets in – Go Vote!). You browse the still-very-alpha code for these modules in Drupal's CVS repository.

Feriana.co.nz Drupal 6 Showcase site

The site is a good example of what can be achieved with a small budget and flexible requirements. I spent no more than 30 hours total on this website including some contrib-module development, photoshop slicing and resizing and a little custom theming. The base-theme is foliage. Before commencing I spent a few hours in conversation with my fiancée (the 'client') working out what was most important sketching some paper prototypes.