I am seeking Drupal development contract work

Photo of Bevan Rudge working at his laptop in a full pew at a code sprint
Contributing to Drupal at DrupalCon Boston March 2008. Photo by Steve Krueger.

I am currently available for Drupal development contract work.

I am interested in contracts or projects of any width, height or length. I am especially interested in projects that (roughly in order);

  • are socially conscious
  • have other talented and experienced Drupal developers to work and grow with
  • compensate at reasonable-to-good rates

I am only available to work virtually, since I am based in Thailand (UTC+7) till Christmas, then Wellington, New Zealand (UTC+13) till about late January, then probably Christchurch, NZ after that.

I'm highly experienced with Drupal and many contrib modules, contributing to and interacting with the community, Drupal module development, debugging and front end development – especially CSS, Javascript and efficient, maintainable and scalable Drupal themes. I am also very skilled and experienced at mentoring less-experienced Drupal developers, planning & architecting Drupal-based solutions from wireframes and/or specifications and putting into effect best practices for Drupal development teams.

My blog and my Drupal.org profile is my certification. My groups.drupal.org profile shows further involvement in the Drupal community, such as DrupalSouth Christchurch 2008, DrupalSouth Wellington 2010, DrupalCon Asia-Pacific, Usability group and UX team. I presented 4 sessions at 3 of the last 4 DrupalCons on Scalable/Advanced Theming, jQuery, and contributing to Drupal.

I have contributed patches that were committed to Drupal core. I have contributed a few small modules, co-maintained a few others and more extensively maintained and contributed to the Salesforce module.

Please contact me to discuss adding me to your team! :)