I am seeking opportunites

I am seeking career opportunities.

My ideal client/employer would;

  • have a mission related to creating fantastic software or a service.
  • have me work primarily with;
    1. Javascript
    2. a framework, language or technology that is new to me.
  • value it's team over everything else.
  • contribute to open source.
  • be a not for profit.
  • be making a difference.
  • be in Auckland so I can sit next to my colleagues. (I usually work remotely. I will not relocate.)

That is a big wish-list, but I am happy to compromise! :)

I have worked on Drupal projects for the last 7 years. Most of that time for amazing Drupal shops; CivicActions, Palantir.net, PreviousNext and others (see my CV). My skill, seniority and knowledge is highly valuable to Drupal companies & projects. Indeed I can get well compensated working with Drupal. And Drupal is a fantastic piece of software—a great choice for most websites. And most of all, Drupal has an incredible community of contributers and collaborators.

But it is time for me to move on;

I am becoming more and more curious what other web frameworks, languages and tools are like. I want to learn new things and tackle problems of a different type. I love Javascript. I am drawn to building web applications instead of web sites. I want to refine my user interaction design skills.

So I am seeking career opportunities! :)

I am currently freelancing until I find the right opportunity. So please contact me about short term projects too.