Logo Contest Favourites

[Update: This had the wrong tag to get on Planet Drupal]
As others have noted, the DrupalCon Boston logo contest is closing soon, so you'd better get your votes in.

Here are my personal favourites;

  1. About 3rd as far as user-votes go, with 36 points; DB8
  2. LauraS only just submitted this one, so it's only got a few votes so far: BoSox style by Don Hajicek at pingVision
  3. This one is simple and elegant, although probably not everyone's cup of tea. By Dakku:

And here are the leading entries so far, by user-votes:

  1. 50 points, By Acromedia:
  2. 41 points, Boston Seal, by Konstantin Kaefer:
  3. 29 points, By Camworld:
  4. 28 points, the luck of drupal, by corinn:
  5. 19 points: DrupalSox by pcorbett: