, By Greenpeace NZ

Earlier this year Jenn, Owen and I worked on a proposal for Greenpeace NZ. CivicActions didn't win the contract, but the website has just launched.

Sign On.  THE WORLD NEEDS US. There is no Planet B, Lucy Lawless. The shit is hitting the fan, Harry McNaughton. 4 all our kiddly-winks =), Keisha Castle-Hughes. Do it for your kids, Francesca Price. 'cos we care, Emily Barclay. The Science is Bloody Obvious, Jim Salingary. It's now or never! Toni Potter. Just Sign On, Bunny McDiarmid. It's everyone's issue, Stephe Tindall. It's time to be a good global citizen, Sarah Thomson. No regrets, Bonnie Soper. – a Drupal site – was implemented by Catalyst IT, a FLOSS software shop in Wellington New Zealand which employs Josh "fiasco" Waihi, Drupal 7 PostgreSQL maintainer and NZ IT Rockstar 2009 winner and Brenda "shiny" Wallace, Drupal contributor.

Catalyst has done an excellent job and the campaign was featured in NZ's national Sunday newspaper a couple of weeks ago.

They've got many Kiwi celebrities on for the campaign, some which are known internationally too; Most notably Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess) and Keisha Castle Hughes (From Whale Rider and award-winning other films).

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