Usability in Drupal 6; 50 golden eggs need some love!

Chris Messina's (aka Factory Joe) review of drupal 6 is a big contribution to drupal usability. I have highlighted about 50 actionable issues that have been raised and/or discussed through this review. Most of them are trivial changes for drupal 6, but are key usability improvements. Many are simply improving the help text. Some are larger tasks that require more work and changes and should probably wait for drupal 7. (They can still have d.o issue nodes created so they aren't lost and forgotten.)

Unfortunately I can't afford any more time on this myself this month (I have to make some money too, to be able to afford to contribute!). I hope others can choose a few @TODO's on the review discussion page and;

I'll do my best to review all submitted usability patches!


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