Web Accessibility Basics

CivicActions endeavors that our websites be usable. Usable implies accessible, since a user with special needs can not use an inaccessible site. In this article I discuss techniques that every web developer, themer and front-end html coder should have in their toolkit. These are the low-hanging fruit, the simple and inexpensive techniques, that make a big difference for internet users with restricted access, from user with low bandwidth internet connections, to users with poor eyesight. We're not just talking about the Googlebot and spiders here.

What is accessiblity?

Google search provides many definitions of accessibility. Perhaps the best and most complete for the context of web development is from McGill University's website. Emphasis is mine:

accessibility: the ability to view web pages on different browsers and multiple platforms; especially concerns individuals with disabilities — that they have access to and be able to use information and data in a manner comparable to individuals without disabilities
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