Wonderful Webpack tips

Here are my recently learnt tips for advanced usage of the wonderful Webpack

  1. --hot does not do would you would expect. webpack --watch and webpack-dev-server do what you'd expect --hot to do, even without that option.
  2. --lazy stops WDS from doing what you'd expect --hot to do.
  3. --hot allows modules (files) to be updated in place, without reloading the webpage.
  4. --open is pretty handy
  5. --inline can be moved to webpack.config.js
  6. Webpack has built in support for lazy loading through the AMD spec for require(): require.ensure()
  7. Support for multiple bundles (entry points) is beautiful
  8. WDS serves up static files if you keep them in the context path, with no additional config

What I have not answered yet, is what the the advantage of stylesheet bundles is, if the styles are cached in the browser along with the JavaScript bundle?