What to do with replies to spam?

Almost a month ago I blogged about how much spam I receive. At that time it was around one spam email per 100 seconds (average over the previous month). Since then I've updated my crude spam rate tracker twice and I'm now receiving approximately one spam every 90 seconds. If you look at the numbers carefully you'll noticed that today's count was less for all mailboxes except one; N L AR, the catch-all address for The spam count for that mailbox increased dramatically from about 1000 to almost 4000. Most interestingly, I received almost 150 automated replies to spam messages from unused addresses:

How often do you get spammed?

I get spammed approximately every 103 seconds. Really. Here are my numbers and calculations;

The mailboxes collectively include several catch-all's and many webmaster@ postmaster@ and abuse@ email addresses. I used to publish my email addresses online fairly liberally. Some of the email addresses are several years old and are probably on every single spam-mailing-list.

How many spam emails do you get?

UPDATE: See the follow-up at

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