How To Rebuild The Menu In Drupal 6

To rebuild the menu in Drupal 6 you have to go to admin/build/modules.
In drupal 5 the menu is cached in the cache_menu table, so it is easy to invoke a menu-rebuild by emptying the table with a simple mysql command like TRUNCATE cache_menu;. (I have a handy script that empties all tables starting with cache_).
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Richard Stallman on Free Software In Christchurch

On Saturday I was fortunate to be able to see Richard Stallman speak right here in Christchurch, NZ. He spoke on "free software in ethics and practice"; the issues of non-free software, how it affects our society, what the FSF is doing about it, what we as individuals and computer users can do about it and free software in schools and education. He spoke extensively on the "four freedoms" that software users should be entitled to and even suggested they should be classed as human rights. He also promoted the FSF, giving away stickers, selling his book, selling stuffed (animal) gnus and encouraging folk to join the FSF.

Jakob Neilsen Awards Xero as One of the 10 Best Application UIs of 2008

Jakob Neilsen has written about the 10 best application UIs of 2008. And NZ-made Xero comes in at #10! First of all, congratulations to Xero, the Team and Rod Drury!

Neilsen is recognized as one of the leading usability, analysis and UI design experts in the world. So his recognition of Xero, from little old NZ, is significant. He went one step further and used Xero as an example of how to implement lightboxes / modal dialogues well. He also gave Xero extra kudos for the emotional design, given that Xero targets a traditionally 'dry' audience:

Usability Testing Suite In Beta, Google Summer of Code

The Usability Testing Suite is in Beta! Google Summer of Code student Jimmy "boombatower" Berry has been coding hard and fast all this great usability testing tool.

Video of Scalable Theming Session from Drupalcon Boston

Drupalcon Boston sessions were all recorded on video and have been made available on, thanks to numerous drupal community members and other Drupal resources.
(This is quite out of date now, but better late than never.)
Here are the videos from my talk on Scalable Theming: Theming for 100s of node types, CCK fields, and views:

Google's Mapping User Experience; Where have you been?

I've been away from home for the last 12 days. CivicActions' Full-team and Engineering Offsite Advances in Playa Del Carmen, México, started last Tuesday 8 July and finish last Monday 14 July. I arrived in Cancún 6 days early and did some backpacking around the South-East of México, El Petén Northern Guatemala, and Northern more

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