2008 Prediction; (Drupal : websites) == (Linux : webhosts)

I have just one simple prediction for Drupal in 2008;

Drupal becomes to websites and the website-producing industry, what Linux is to webservers and the web-hosting industry.

Firefox 3, almost converted

I'm almost ready to switch to Firefox 3. There are just a couple of necessary add-ons that I can't live without that I would need to make it my default and main browser;

  • Undo Closed Tabs Button
  • Mac Favicon XL theme (Since this is my own theme I'll have to update it myself. To get all the benefits of Mac native form widgets and nice new usability improvements I'll base it off FF3's default theme)

Merry Drupalmas and hAPI New Year!

Christmas wasn't very merry for me; I spent all day in bed and in the bathroom with a wicked tommy-ache and couldn't eat anything. Now it looks like I won't be able to speak at my friends New Year's Eve doo unless my throat improves vastly in the next few hours (At least I can still attend for the mushy food and the atmosphere!). So my NYE probably won't be too happy (though not sad) either.

DrupalCon Boston 2008 Confirmed?

UPDATE: DrupalCon Boston 2008 has now been officially announced.

Judging by boston2008.drupalcon.org it seems that the planning of DrupalCon Boston March 2008 is well underway. I've even seen emails with dates about session-planning, yet I can't find any news or announcements about it anywhere. What's going on? Is Boston 2008 confirmed? How come there have been no announcements?

What to do with replies to spam?

Almost a month ago I blogged about how much spam I receive. At that time it was around one spam email per 100 seconds (average over the previous month). Since then I've updated my crude spam rate tracker twice and I'm now receiving approximately one spam every 90 seconds. If you look at the numbers carefully you'll noticed that today's count was less for all mailboxes except one; N L AR, the catch-all address for lucion.com.ar. The spam count for that mailbox increased dramatically from about 1000 to almost 4000. Most interestingly, I received almost 150 automated replies to spam messages from unused @lucion.com.ar addresses:

To Core Developers; I Need You, Please. :)

Logo of Season of UsabilityI still haven't been able to establish a technical mentor for my SoU project. I need a Drupal developer with a fair amount of Drupal karma and a small interest in usability, for this project to be successful. I'll be plain; I'm directly asking Dries, core developers, and other similarly-respected folk in the Drupal community, for someone who can commit about 3 hours per week for three months. This is a sizable contribution to Drupal and will result in considerable usability improvements.

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