Quotient data type

I'm a first year computer science student. The programming paper I'm doing at Massey University is (unfortunately) in C#. And that s the language I'll use in the following examples.
From what I've understood about basic data types; an integer is a whole number, with no fraction or decimal value, and doubles and floats are numbers with a decimal value. This works well for most common calculations, but sometimes it is more accurate or convenient to store a value as a fraction; a quotient of two integers.

Patents? Inventive? WTF?

This is why patents are ridiculous;

Best Spam Article

Best article on spam I've ever read, in the New Yorker by Michael Spector: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2007/08/06/070806fa_fact_specter?printable=true

iMac won't get touchscreen?

11:25AM: "[You] introduced multitouch on iPhone, what about for the Mac?"

Steve: "Makes sense for the iPhone, not sure it makes sense in the Mac. Classify that as a research project."

From Engadget: Apple's summer Mac product press conference

WTF? How can such usability revolutionists not realize the potential of putting multi-touch technology on the desktop?

TextMate & Komodo

Wow. TextMate still blows me away with its features and bundles. It's the best value software I ever bought. I just discovered some more great features with SVN and CSS bundles on this pretty site:

My first Drupal Module -- proposal

I propose an in-context web-editing interface, and drupal module, that;

  • is intuitive,
  • allows in-context editing by integrating elements of node-edit form into the view of a node,
  • is minimalistic in it's interface elements,
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