iPhone Unlocking Service in Christchurch NZ

UPDATE: I no longer offer this service.

Original blog post follows...

Due to high rank in google search results for queries about unlocked iPhone upgrades to v2 firmware and my recent article about my own experiences. A number of people in Christchurch have contacted me about unlocking their first-generation iPhones that have become locked after upgrading. This is not my trade, and is not something I would consider myself a professional in. However I am confident enough to do this without bricking (rendering it permanently useless) the phone.

While I'd prefer to help others to do it themselves, I understand this is too much to learn or too overwhelming for many people. If you would like me to unlock your iPhone, please contact me. These are my terms;

Upgrade unlocked jail-broken first-generation iPhone to v2 iPhone firmware

My attempt to upgrade my unlocked and jail-broken first-generation iPhone were badly timed with Apple's release of version 2.0.2 firmware about 24 hours beforehand. This meant I initially couldn't use quickpwn because I couldn't restore the 2.0.1 firmware.

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