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Do General Public GET Open Source?

This article about SilverStripe "giving away their product" completely misses the point of open source. I think that like most of the general public here in NZ (perhaps worldwide?), the author understands that "open source is free" (like free beer), but misses the point that SilverStripe's software, and open source in general, is not free because it costs nothing, but because the code that is written to create the software, is open for anyone to use, look at, modify, enhance, learn from, redistribute, sell, print out and use as toilet paper, or glorify in a nice picture frame above their mantlepiece. Because the code has been freed from the restrictions typical of commercial software licensing.

NZ Drupal Vendor or Developer needed for Snow and Skateboard Ecommerce Sites

Online retailers BWMsnow and SKATEgear require the professional services of a Drupal vendor or developer to take over the maintenance and future development their websites.

BWMsnow is NZ's largest online retailer of snowboard gear and has been operating for more than 4 years internationally, focussing more heavily on the NZ market in recent years. BWMsnow was NZ's only online retailer of snowboard gear until recently. BWMsnow is a NZ limited company which continues to grows significantly every selling season (March to June).

Reporting a bug on TradeMe -- A Rant

So I found an obscure bug on TradeMe, but there is no way to report it. The contact us section just led to an unhelpful help page. The only email address I could find was on the Corporate enquiries page. So in order to report the bug I have to blog about it, so I can pass it off as media.

Google camera-car detail

After yesterday's siting and all the related discussion, the firkin Google car was parked right outside our house today! Well not right outside, but on the other side of the park next to our house -- less than 100 metres away. Celeste called me with the news and I ran out of the house with the camera, socks, no keys, no shoes, front door wide open. A bloke was sitting at a picnic table in the park. He looked like he might be the driver on his lunch break:
"Excuse me. Are you the driver of the google car?". But no, he was a fellow geek waiting to see if the driver came back to the car. I chatted to him briefly until the driver did return to the car;

"Excuse me. Are you the driver of the google car?"
"Gidday I'm Bevan"
"Hi I'm Michael"
"Do you mind if I take some photos...."
[Snap Snap Snap]
The 360º camera mounted on the roof of the google car

I wanna go back to school

Google will pay high school kids aged 13 to 18 up to $500 for their participation in GHOP. The first round is a bit of a trial and has only ten projects involved, and Drupal is one of them! The others are;

  • Apache Software Foundation
  • Joomla!
  • MoinMoin
  • Mono
  • Moodle
  • Plone
  • Python
  • SilverStripe

It is both impressive and interesting how many of them are web-content tools (CMS, web-application frameworks, wikis etc). I also need to congratulate SilverStripe, a locally-grown-and-nutured CMS. Kudos to the Wellington whanau.

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