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Migrating to Firefox 3, still not quite ready

I got Navigator 9's official EOL notice last week. But FF3 still isn't quite ready for me. Navigator 9 Migrator tool / extension is absolutely useless.

UPDATE: I'm now on FF3 full time and loving it. I'm still missing a couple of features though:

I still need some extensions to migrate fully:
* Undo Closed Tabs
* Firebug

and really really want (almost need):
* Mac Favicon XL (theme)
* Google PageRank Status, or SearchStatus (enables Google web history)
* It's All Text!

And would like
* Html Validator
* ColorZilla
* dragdropupload

Microsoft trying to be cool -- using (exploiting?) students as a marketing device

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mar 17, 2008 9:49 AM
Subject: Microsoft Student Partners 2008

Hey everyone,

My name is Janina Voigt and I am one of the three Microsoft Student
Partners for 2008. The other Student Partners are Yugan Yugaraja and
Mayur Sampat.
Our role is to bridge the gap between students and academics at
Canterbury, and Microsoft.

We will be carrying out presentations and/or workshops throughout the
year on a variety of topics such as .NET Framework, C#, Popfly,

UMN Usability photos, Arrival in Boston, It's Snowing! US Culture

I arrived in Boston yesterday afternoon, absolutely exhausted after Usability testing at UMN -- which was amazing. See the report at 9am on Monday to hear why. It was snowing heavily here this morning. Today I need to prepare for my presentation on Scalable Theming and my parts of the Usability presentation, and try open another US bank account.

Here's my photoblog to date:

DrupalCon Session: Scalable Theming: Theming for 100s of node types, CCK fields, and views

One of my 3 DrupalCon Session Proposals got accepted and was scheduled last week: Scalable Theming: Theming for 100s of node types, CCK fields, and views.
Advanced theming tips, tricks and techniques for very large complex websites with many node types, CCK fields and views. This session is targeted at themers & developers wishing to learn how to manage complex theming requirements in a cost-saving, maintainable and scalable way.

Standards Solution to Microsoft's IE8 Version-Targeting Rubbish

It seems there is a clean standards-solution that doesn't succumb to the X-UA-Compatible mess Microsoft has dumped on us, yet let's you author html in standards mode in IE8:
"John Resig points out something that I think a lot of the mainstream chatter around IE8 has missed - if you send it a currently unused DOCTYPE (like HTML 5,) it will not cower in IE7 mode.
"John examines this feature of IE8 in this post: .

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